Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Joshua J. Knight, M.D.

On the day of graduation, my true love gave to me,
All the love and patience I needed to get my M.D.

Well, I am finally getting around to blogging about Josh's graduation. I know, it was over three weeks ago! But, in my defense, we have been rather busy in the Knight household! So this will be short and sweet.

Here is Josh in the morning trying on his gown before heading over to the ceremony. He had to be there an hour before it started, so I dropped him off and then the rest of the family meet at my house and we all walked over.
Levi thought the black robe looked a lot like Darth Vader's. Josh could not resist picking up the light saber.All the graduates enter at the same time and the crowd stands and claps. Here is Claire when she sees Josh.

Can you see him? Fourth one from the right.Here he is getting hooded. Not a good angle, but it really happened!At the end they all stand and recite the Hippocratic Oath. All the happy family pictures!

The SECOND most supportive person in Josh's life!

We all walked home after graduation. It was a blast walking through U-Village with Josh while he had all his garb on! We got some looks!

We had a small party at our house after graduation.

This is the gift from Claire and Levi. It is a poem that we had professionally written in calligraphy about how MD stands for My Daddy. It is really a cute poem; their handprints are on either side.

Josh's aunt and uncle flew up from Kansas!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The night before Graduation...

On the night before graduation, my true love gave to me,
A three-course meal and cruise of Elliot Bay on the ship Argosy!

This was such a fun outing! We had twenty family members come and join us for a dinner cruise. Representing the Knight side of the marriage we had: Kay & Randy of Gold Bar (parents), Jeannie & Brian of Kansas (aunt and uncle), Brent & Lora of Snohomish (sister and bro-in-law), and Christian & Veronica of Kirkland (brother and sis-in-law)

Representing the Labrecque side of the marriage we had: Ann & Jim of Alaska (parents), John of Alaska (brother), Rheta & Helen of Texas (grandmother and best friend), Bill & Connie of Ferndale (uncle and aunt), Aaron of Everson (brother), and Lindsay & Tom (cousin and boyfriend).

Not a bad showing! I hired a babysitter and forgot about my kids for the night. We had a wonderful time eating great food, drinking good wine, dancing and of course, the incredible Seattle scenery.

My Parents. Silly!

We had all 20 of us at one table.

My cousin, Lindsay. Isn't she pretty!

Brent and Lora brought Brodie! He looks just like dad!

Josh's family LOVES to dance!

Coming home; Seattle is spectacular at night.

Four days till graduation...

On the fourth day till graduation my true love to me
My in-laws and my sons piano recital party.

Early Tuesday morning, my parents and my youngest brother flew down from Alaska for the rest of the weeks festivities. On schedule that night was Levi's piano recital. Every time a student completes a music level book, they get their own recital, and since Levi just finished book one, we had a recital just for him.

Here is my brother John with Claire. John loves to play jazz piano (and is actually really good)! Claire fell in love with Uncle Johnny and still talks about him!

Here we are awaiting the great Levi. He is warming up his voice with some juice.

He played a duet with this teacher:
Then two songs on his own:
Here he is with his teacher, Shellie. After he hit the dessert table apparently.

The following Thursday my parents and I took the kids to the Burke Museum for our last free Thursday visit. My kids love this super small museum because they have an allosaurus and stegosaurus skeleton there. Plus they have a mastodon!

Lunch at REI! Another favorite!

On Wednesday my mom and I also took the kids to the zoo, but of course, my camera's batteries had died, so I have no pics. But we did have lots of fun!

Six days till graduation....

On the sixth day till graduation my true love gave to me,
At the community center a goodbye party.

That is right folks, I threw Josh a graduation/goodbye party on the Sunday before graduation. We had it at our community center and it was just a causal affair with lots of friends and family coming to wish us well. A friend of mine from Central even came from Yakima!

One of Levi's girlfriends from the gym came and gave him the cutest goodbye present: a heart-shaped locket of the Space Needle with her picture in! I guess when she saw it at the store, she told her mother that she had to buy it for Levi since it was a heart, and hearts mean love, and she loves Levi. Super cute!

I like the following picture because four of the people in the circle graduated with Josh on Sunday. Another one is a third year medical student and another is a MD/PhD Student.

Hazel and her dinosaurs!

Claire letting Cecilia give her a ride.

Notice the colorful flags? I made those! I got the idea from a toddler's party from the village that we had been to earlier in the spring. The purple and gold are UW's colors and the green is for the green hood Josh got at graduation. Pretty symbolic eh?