Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Mud Flats & Jon Stewart

Anyone interested in Alaskan politics lately???

Check out http://mudflats.wordpress.com/


Jon Stewart (the Daily Show) has been so hilarious lately. I highly recommend watching.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

She did it!

If you know Claire, you know that she does not eat fruit or vegetables. Nothing. She has this 6th sense if I try to sneak her something that is healthy. I tried telling her edamame were beans. Did not work. We tell her blueberries are candy. No success. But lo and behold, what is she doing in this picture? Is she actually reaching for her corn? Will she put it in her mouth?She did! And she liked it! Sure she dipped it in ketsup (ketsup is a vegetable right?)
Wow, I was so impressed. She ate up that corn so fast. And eventually she forgot to dip it in ketsup before she put it in her mouth. I made tuna for the first time last night, and Claire ate more tuna than anyone else at the table!

Monday, September 22, 2008

And August...

Okay, this will be fast. August was another fun month. Remember Jule? My replacement from the Ski to Sea race? Well we went camping with her family for two days in Leavenworth. We camped at Icicle Creek. Clarie and Iume playedHere are Levi and Max.
I like this picture of Levi and Clarie at our campground!Here are the three down by the river.

There were a couple other med-school families camping and on Saturday we all went for a hike. Surprisingly the kids did good! Claire was in the backpack of course, but Levi did most of the hike up on his own. But after 4 miles of hiking up, he was exhausted on the way down; Josh carried him.
On the hike.

One of the great views on the hike.

At the top. Ironically, we had beautiful weather during the whole hike. That is, until we got to the top! Then the clouds rolled in. But that did not stop Jule and a couple others from swimming! This picture of Claire is so cute. She is lounging in grandma Kay's backyard throwing rocks in the creek. Perhaps the greatest highlight in August: Claire's hair is long enough for pig-tails!In August I took the kids on their first ferry ride. We went to Bremerton to visit a high-school friend and her family. Here is Karli, Levi and Claire. Karli's mom, Aurelia, and I went to Chugiak High together and then Central Washington together. Her and John have two girls, Karil and Melanie. They have a fantastic house on a lake in Bremerton. Obviously it was a beautiful day! Here are Levi and Claire on Aurelia's boat. No, they are not sleeping.Aurelia wake boarding. She is really good!Aurelia's sister Shiloh and Melanie.Towards the end of the month, Tina and I kept up our annual tradition of blueberry picking. We each got 19 pounds!

And finally, at the end of August Josh had enough time for me. We dropped the kids off at his mom's and we went for a two night camping trip. Well, it was supposed to be two nights. His only time off was Labor Day and unfortunatley the weather in Seattle was quite uncooperative. Since Dorothy Lake is a protected land, we could not have a fire. It was so stinking cold up there! So on Sunday morning, we decided to pack up, head down the mountain and find another campground. As soon as we got up to start packing, the rain started falling. It did not stop until we reached our car. We were so wet, so cold and so miserable we bagged the whole camping thing. Instead we drove to Monroe and went to the movies! But it was nice to just hang out!

Here is the hike up to Lake Dorothy

And the lake.

The rest of July

Okay, so I just finished downloading 500 pictures from my camera. The kids are in bed, I have my wine, Josh is studying, Dancing with the Stars is on, and I am now ready to sit here and blog. Prepare yourself.

Oh so long ago I was blogging about our July vacation. Well the rest of our trip was a blast. We went to Plymouth Plantation, Plymouth Rock, did the Boston walk tour, visited a dairy farm, had a large extended family bar-b-que, and did lots of swimming in my sisters big pool. All in all, a great vacation.

Right when we got home from New England we had Josh's family from Kansas here for a week. Josh's uncle Marvin, his wife Pam and their kids Aubrey and Zachary. Zach is 5, so he and Levi hit it off fast. As always with the Knight family, the activities are all physical! While the kids and I were still in NE, Josh and his family went hiking at Barclay Lake. Later in the week we all went kayaking in Lake Washington and the grade finale was a white-water rafting trip down the Skykomish river. Christian was our guide and Josh was our kayak support. Obviously he did a good job, since we are all still here.

Here is our raft at the beginning of the trip.


Levi and Zach:

For the rest of July we:

Went to the Greenlake wading pool with Will & Luke

Went to the new Olympic Sculpture Park

Went to the Woodland Park Zoo with a bunch of moms and kids from church

Went to the Ravenna wading pool with Eleanor

I love this picture of Eleanor!

And finally, at the very end of July, our dear friends Leslie, Pat, Will and Luke moved out of student housing. Pat and Leslie had a good-bye party before they packed up and began their adult lives.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Has it really been this long???

Wow, I cannot believe that my last post was over a month ago. That is a long time in the blogging world. At least I have lots of things to show for not bragging about my life. We have been so busy! The weather in Seattle has been PERFECT for three weeks now. I think that we have been to Matthews Beach twice each week for swimming and sanding. I will get around to posting about our awesome summer some other time.

Today was Levi's first day back at preschool. This is the second year that Holy Apostles Preschool has been in operation and this year the school is going to start fund raising projects. We had a pre-preschool meeting on Friday where one fund raising idea was discussed. I am so excited about this one too!

On the day after Thanksgiving the city of Seattle hosts the Seattle Marathon. Well, of course, they have a kids marathon. No, I will not make Levi run a marathon before he is 4, but he will walk a marathon before he turns 4!

The kids marathon works like this: Each child walk their 26 miles one mile at a time. They will keep track of their mileage and then by the time Turkey Day rolls around, they should only have 1.2 miles left to walk. All the kids (the web-site says 4000) will "finish" their marathon by walking the last 1.2 miles together. They also get a medal for completing. Sounds great huh!

So Holy Apostles Preschool decided to turn this event into a fundraising event! Each kids will ask people to sponsor them for each mile they walk. This totally reminds me of the "Walk for Hope" that I EVERY summer growing up. I don't know if they do it anymore, since a quick Google search turned up nothing. Anyway, the point is, is that I did the same thing. Neat huh.

So, here is the money begging part of this post. Skip this if you don't want to sponsor an adorable three-year old! But if you do, Levi is looking for sponsors!