Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Solution?

Want to know how I spent my day today? I will give you one guess, based on my last post. That is right! Re-arranging!

Thank you for all the constructive criticism or praise in regards of switching the breakfast nook and dinning room. Ultimately I liked it, but not enough to defend it to the husband or to make the necessary changes to make it work (changing the light fixture, etc.)

So I switched it back today and also rearranged the family room. I am really liking the new arrangement! I moved some shelves into the dining room, trying to make the room a bit more functional.

Here is the new set up:

I bet you are wondering what I did with the breakfast nook, right? Well here is that photo:

Bwah ha ha! Those BIG plans are being started tomorrow so stay tuned! You're gonna love it!

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