Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Love of a Podcast

Once both my my kids entered school I became slightly obsessed with something. Podcasts. I am hooked and addicted.

My previous addiction, NPR, has slowly faded and has been replaced by the constant "refreshing" of my i-tunes podcast page, anxiously awaiting some new episodes. Of course, a lot of those podcast are from NPR. Go figure.

Podcasts are great for a variety of reasons. You can listen anywhere and while doing anything. I listen when I clean, fold laundry, run, and mindlessly search the Internet. With the house being quiet four hours a day, having somebody talk to me, whether it is about politics, religion or in french, is a welcome addition.

I have been wanting for a while to post my favorite podcasts, just because I love them so much. So here we go!


Did you read the book? Well, the podcast is another amazing and extremely interesting economical view of the world. One of my recent favorites is about hitchhiking. The stories are fascinating, the facts are astounding and the production is entertaining.

Left, Right & Center

A political podcast which discusses various current events from all political spectrum's. This show is only produced once a week and my only complaint is that I wish it were longer. The 30 minutes allocated for the show never seems to be enough time to adequately hear all sides, but still a good program.

To The Point

I love this podcast. It is hosted by Warren Olney who is such an intriguing interviewer. Luckily for me, it is a daily show so I get to listen to Olney's gruff and sexy voice often. This is a must on any i-pod.

Live Wire

Portland quirky-ness, meets Saturday Night Live, meets radio theater. Throw in some funky and current musical artists and you have Portland's equivalent of A Prairie Home Companion.

Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me

I kind of think this show does not need an explanation. Am I right?

Real Time With Bill Maher

Don't hate me because I like this show. It is a total guilty pleasure. If you don't like cussing and making fun of everybody under the sun, this show is not for you.

Science Friday

Who doesn't love Ira Flatow? He has a voice that was made for radio and I love his quirky-ness and laugh. This is a weekly show (duh, on Friday's) that deals with all things science related.

Slate Magazine

Ok, so Slate publishes a variety of podcasts, of which I enjoy most of them. I love the Culture Gabfest and the Political Gabfest, but one of my favorites has got to be a new one called Civil War Stories. It is freaking amazing. They only produce one a month, so you have got to be patient. Everything about the Civil War Stories podcast is great: the music, the narrator, the stories. Totally worth listening to.

Search the Scriptures

I got hooked on this podcast about six months ago and shortly after, found out that the author was coming to our church for a lecture. She is such an intellectual and gifted woman. I love her frank and honest talks. Her research into the Scriptures, from the Father's point of view, is so refreshing and interesting. I only wish she did not work, was not so busy, and only had time to podcast. My life would be better if hers had more free time.

What is great about this podcast, is that Presvytera Jeannie started her Biblical review from "In the beginning." Amazing. VERY worth listening too.

Teach Me Thy Statues

Another Biblical overview, but with the New Testament.

Worship In Spirit & In Truth

Who knew Fr. Hopko was so funny? He is wildly entertaining and I love listening to him explain the Divine Liturgy so clearly. A wonderful listen.

Food, Faith & Fasting

The author of this blog covers a lot of basic information, but with an Orthodox twist. I also like her sweet voice; it is a fun and short podcast with good information.


All Done! Now you all know how I spend most days: cleaning and listening! All these are free podcasts, I am not sure I could bring myself to pay for one!

If there are other great podcasts out there that I should be listening to, let me know! I would love to add them into my rotation.

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Monica said...

Love your background, Paul listens to alot of podcasts, he's now into looking up biking podcasts on itunes.